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Pharmacy Technician

Program has currently been suspended. Limited selection of courses remain available for current students.

Technicians have worked in the pharmacy field for many years but until 1976, only on-the-job training was available. That's when RDC began a training program to more fully prepare technicians for their tasks.
Graduates have been very well received by pharmacists and employers and the responsibilities given to them have greatly expanded. This program will be of interest if you would like an officially recognized training period, followed by interesting and varied job opportunities in the pharmacy field.

To participate in the distance program, students must have access to a computer with Internet and e-mail capabilities. Distance students must also arrange for an approved examination proctor.   Lab courses are taken at RDC during the spring term (May and June). This requires a commitment of two weeks in May and two weeks in June.

A fast-track option may be available to students interested in taking an accelerated distance program.

The Pharmacy Technician program at Red Deer College is accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP).

Red Deer College's Pharmacy Technician Certificate program is offered online through eCampusAlberta.

Follow this link to check course availability, register online and find other course details, such as tuition costs, delivery methods and contact information.

Follow the link below to visit the institution’s program page for information on admission requirements, the application process and course breakdown.


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